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Travelled vs traveled

sign-429419_1920I had an interesting conversation with one of my closest friends today. We were discussing the nuances in the English language. She texted me to ask how to spell “travelled or traveled”. My automatic reply was “traveled”. Her follow up was to ask about “cancelled vs. canceled”, to which I replied “cancelled”. Of course, I started second guessing myself at that point and decided to let Word tell me which was right. I typed both into a blank Word document expecting the little red squiggly lines to appear under the incorrect one and TADAH! I would see who was correct. But guess what? They’re both right!

The English language can be so tricky! It turns out the double Ls are British English and the single L is American English. That’s a little more subtle than “color vs. colour”. For now, I think I am sticking with being bilingual in this aspect. I will just hope for no cancellations during my traveling!